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NHL 20 :(

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All I can say is wow, what a disappointment! All this talk by EA about more control and better skating, etc. and the result is horrible responsiveness and lack of player control.

It was a breakaway fest for players who didn't play defense but instead hovered around the blue line waiting for a turnover.

Fix your game EA!


  • G1ll1es
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    Theres a total lack of player interactions..

    Absolute trash and a complete disregard of how important player interactions are..

    I mean how many times do your a.i run into you... Or how many times does interference happen ( like not a hit but straight up blocking ) and no call..

    The game is a mess as far as the interaction the players have with eachother.. The boards.. The nets.. Etc etc..

    There is no intelligence in the a.i..

    Also its hilarious to skate past another guy really closely and have my leg get caught on him and it goes up in the air and yet I still carry full momentum forward lol..
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