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Shadows in Drop Ins

Drop Ins are supposed to be the easy entrance into the world of 6v6, and theyve made it a "feature" that theres giant shadows from trees taking up half the ice. Im sure your graphic designer had a good time playing with light source location, but it makes for a terrible playing experience.
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  • It's distracting, The ones from tree's/buildings etc. The rink on the river is the worse if I am remembering correctly. Either remove those types of shadows altogether, or give us the option to turn them off. :)
  • No keep shadows. More realistic.
  • BassMan_PC
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    I agree. It is visually confusing. Also, remove the ODR altogether and give us back arenas with uniforms for drop-in.
  • I am exclusive 3's and I agree. I swear this became a thing Midway through 19's life
  • zingaa1
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    Seems like there making it too much like COD, outer rink visuals.
  • EpiCxOwNeD
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    I wasn’t biggest fan of the clothing for drop ins. But the shadows don’t compare to the clothing and for sure make me miss playing in an arena and greatly dislike playing drop ins because of them.
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  • My first experience with the beta..I played a 6 v 6 drop in and the first change I noticed from NHL 19 drop in was the river rink. (which Im guessing is suppose to be in Montreal) I thought it was beautifully done, looked amazing.....until I actually started playing and had trouble seeing the puck in the shadows and the sun glare. I know EA wants to make it look realist but it needs to be so that players can play without being distracted from the actual gameplay. Played 3 more drop ins after that , and they were all on the same rink as NHL 19. Kinda boring but at least you had a clear view of players and the puck. I DO however, like the play by play audio in drop ins as compared to NHL 19.
  • We finally have rotating rinks in Drop-In and the Normal commentary team is featured instead of nothing like last year. These were two big complaints about Drops from 19. The shadows are done really well but they are visually impairing. It's difficult tracking the puck especially when I play goalie. I think it would be better if, instead of shadows, we had a daytime and nighttime version for variety.
  • G1ll1es
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