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Pucks in crowd please fix it



  • Daddy5B wrote: »
    Sgt_Kelso wrote: »

    Oh and same thing applies with passes being auto vacuumed up - I don't have a problem with passes not getting THROUGH. I have a problem with the feel of 100% perfect interceptions to the tape of the stick. Let the puck bounce, be more free and natural feeling. Let it ricochet off equip and bodies more?

    Yeah, that bugs me too, intercepting a pass is fine, but it's always stuck on the tape, rarely if ever does it deflect. It doesn't matter if the player has his back towards the play either.

    And it's nost just passes, often they catch low slapshot like it was no problem. Crazy.

    Imagine my surprise when our D takes a slap shot from the point, I go to tip it but I pick the puck up in mid-air with my stick instead.

    I saw quite a few tip-ins and redirects in the beta so far.
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