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- I should never lose control of player. The game should never be trying to put my player anywhere for me. I should always be in complete control of my player's positioning.

- Off-puck backskating does not have the same smoothness that backskating with the puck does. Rather than cleanly transitioning to skating forward my defender will often come to a hard stop and angle in the direction I was trying to transition to. I am well aware that the transition should slow me down, but in far too many situations where I need to turn to stay in the play I will instead come to a stop and be taken completely out of it. I have also found the minute adjustments required to play the front of the net on offense are more difficult in the beta compared to 19.

- Back skating with the puck is still too effective. I think the easiest way to tone this down is to contextually reduce player speed and possibly puck control, contextually in the simplest form being heading towards the goal line. I would also consider making physical plays against them more effective, making passing from them less accurate, and shots way less accurate. Plays where the puck carrier opens up so their player can see the play they would make should not have passing/control penalized.

- Pass interceptions/break-ups are too inconsistent. Sometimes they are on point, other times a player in a terrible position to break up a pass, something like facing the wrong direction or requiring a one handed reach behind, will succeed while a defender staring at the puck, with both hands on the stick, and in the passing lane will fail. These don't need to always be clean, but too many that should be aren't even being attempted by the defender.

- The poke checking logic in terms of accuracy is too aleatory. Players with a clear line to make a play on the puck will often poke check directly into the opposing players skates rather than anywhere near the puck. I get that this is due to using random numbers to determine outcomes, and in these cases the failure result is producing a penalty, but given the clear line to make a play this just should not happen

- Relating to my previous bullet point, the "positioning relative to the puck carrier increasing odds of a trip" needs to go. I have seen too many plays where a defender who is in position to make a good stick check, but is next to or slightly behind the puck carrier, take a penalty just because the roll of the dice clearly had worse odds. The only thing that should determine a penalty is if my stick goes into the other players skates. By default players should always poke check towards the puck. This would allow player skill and hockey IQ (knowing when it's a good time to poke check) determine penalty frequency. The poke checking skill should instead determine the degree to which successful poke checks separate puck from puck carrier.

- IMO not enough hooking penalties are called. The amount of times a player will attempt a stick lift in no position for success with no repercussion is too high.

- Slap shot whiffs seem to be too common now

- The one-handed-behind-the-back puck pick up really needs to go or be tuned way down. The only instance of it I can think of where someone did it successfully in the NHL was Datsyuk in the playoffs against the Bruins (2014 or 2015? it's not hard to find on youtube). This should require 95+ ratings in awareness, puck control, and deking to even be possible for a player.

- Hitting is inconsistent. It's too common that a bigger archetype player hitting a smaller one has no effect or a less successful outcome than one would expect. Conversely, smaller players being able to separate the puck from bigger archetypes with a physical play is too common.

- Puck control is inconsistent. As a power forward it should be difficult for smaller skaters to body me off the puck but too often poor contact from a much smaller skater is enough to do the trick. Conversely I can deliver good contact as a bigger archetype to a smaller one and frequently get failure results.

- In general, the game still seems to be too heavily balanced in favor of offensive play.

- I just played a drop-in game where 3 ai teammates didn't take a single shot (on their own, I had to call for it with R1/RB every time) in the offensive zone despite repeatedly being fed the puck.

- In that same game AI-to-AI passes would fail often. They were usually clean passes that the receiving bot should have been able to easily handle, but instead they would be missed entirely and flutter out of the zone.

- IMO the bots need to be "replacement level". They just need to play a positional game and make safe plays with the occasional mistakes. A bot should only be a star in a game if the players play in a way that forces them to be. If the bot is defending and the opposing team keeps skating into them, or if the offensive team creates space for the bot to finish a play or set one up. I wouldn't have them rotate any more. If human players make the mistake of playing out of position the bots shouldn't cover for them so they can learn from those mistakes.

- The menu system is atrocious. It is way too complex and it takes far too long to get where one wants to be. I should be able to get into the EASHL dressing room with 1 or 2 button presses, not 9-10 with several unskippable animations (hiding loading or not). In the case of UE design simple is always better.

- Drop-in forcing the teams into white hoodies vs black hoodies could be replaced by "light" vs "dark". This was just a content issue in the 19 beta. When you make wild, busy designs on jerseys it's going to get confusing.

- It would be neat if you could play drop-in wearing the appropriate uniform from your EASHL team (home for home, away for away)

- The new scoreboard is not good. Having it at the bottom of the screen hides trailing player indicators. Having it animated in anyway during the course play is something that draws the eye. We need more options to customize it individually.

- I am personally not a fan of the between period highlight thing.

- It is confusing to me that the lobbies and matchmaking seem to be broken when they were not in 19. I would think that development 20 would be built off a master branch that was some stable version of 19 that also sees fixes for 19 merged in as appropriate. These things being broken seems inexcusable.

General Comments
Playing the beta has convinced me to not buy the game at launch. The game is far too frustrating to play enjoyably as someone who only plays EASHL/Drop-in now (I used to be a big time franchise player, but that mode has become too stagnant and lacks the depth and control that other sports games franchise modes offer).

I would also like to echo some of the other comments I've read about EASHL not getting enough attention. It would be interesting to see the usage metrics between EASHL and "One's" and "arcade 3's" as I would be surprised if either outpaces EASHL. It's simulated competitive hockey in the most purest sense. With NBA2k showing that a multiple-player-per-team e-league is possible i'm amazed that EA isn't trying to do the same with any of it's titles, and NHL seems like it would be ripe for it. I get why HUT gets the attention, it's the money maker, but EASHL and Franchise seem like they should be the next priorities.


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    NHL 20 sucks. How does opponent get puck in defensive some on a lot of passes? Players are not where they are supposed to be most times. We keep having to deal with these issues over and over. Don’t understand how not so talented defender can keep up with Connor McDavid? The defensive side pole check works 98% of the time and stays stuck to their sticks and break out no problem. U guys seem to make things a little flashier each yeah , however u can put lipstick on a pig. But it’s still a pig. Passing is c+ at best and I don’t believe u made goalies any better. Made them deflect pucks out of rink more but WOW!!!!! We continue to buy these games every year because u make it seem it’s better than the year before!!!

    ......I know our suggestions and feedback don’t really affect the way you make the game or fix certain things wrong with game. But maybe at the least someone is reading these things and more people need to speak up and let them know what is wrong with the game or suggestions to make it better for all. And they should list what they have fixed from the previous year....

    [Removed mention of boycott]
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    I agree with most of the points, especially the ones about movement and control, and the scoreboard.

    My major issue with movement is the same feeling I got in NHL18, which wasn’t present in 19. I feel like all the players are seemingly blasting at 80mph all the time and every turn is a huge fight against the momentum. It makes the game feel floaty and ”heavy”.

    On a positive note, I love how I can change the strats immediately when the game starts in Versus.
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  • Dixonyu
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    Why does everyone think hut gets so much love ? It's a simple game mode that takes care of itself basically, it took three years for hut to get 3 v 3 line changes, something be a gm has has for 3 years ... I'd say be a gm gets more attention, you can customize your arena , can't in hut...

    Ea definitely needs to punish players for not facing the play , you shouldn't be able to intercept a pass you cannot see ... Super human reaction and movement speeds gotta go too ...
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