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Whats the deal with the Y button for Goalies?

Why can’t I cover up the pick when the puck slips past my pads and sits on the goal line and I can’t hit Y can cover up the puck and I don’t wanna move around much and knock it in myself it happened 7 times so far and all were goals


  • Follisimo
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    - Improvements to logic for how the future puck position and the goalies position relative to their net for when to look for a cover.
    - Improvements to goalie cover logic and coverage, specifically on pucks right behind them.
    - Fixes for human goalie covers where auto covers wouldn't trigger reliably.
    - Fixes for human goalie covers where manually requested covers weren't solving if the goalie was trying to move and was forcing the goalie to stop moving before a cover could solve.

    - logic improvements to help settle goalie on the post in reverse VH if the puck is on the side of the net.
    - Fix to ensure the goalie's motion is not heading into net when coming off post from VH.
    - Improved logic for goalie's behavior (facing angles, decisions to hug the post and new animation data/coverage) when puck gets in around post/goal line.
    - Improved goalie logic on breakaways for how/when they commit to angles and their ability to push hard to fully cover the near side post once the puck carrier has shown commitment to that short side.
    - Improvements to when ai goalies will play pre-emptive saves to take away the net when they don't have time to push over and then react. Should improve cases where they would over commit when they didn't need to.
    - Fix for some cases where players wouldn't take one timers when the puck was near the boards.
    - Fix for goalie blend issues that caused them to duck in their motion.
    - handled an the extremely rare case of a human goalie acquiring the puck while idle in desperation side poses
    - Added goalie ambient animations after the whistle is blown from several cover puck positions.
    - Reduced how quickly goalie will spin to face the puck behind him, as they have plenty of coverage for covers behind/beside them now.
    - Update to improve goalie pickups behind their net and near the boards.
    - Physics update to help improve goalies cover consistency.
    - Updated goalies blocker material to better reflect the material it is actually made of. It was set to be too soft before which hurt some deflections during blocker saves.
    - Added ability to tune where a user goalie would want to send the puck relative to their angle to the net when redirecting the puck out of danger. This may be needed due to the various positions user goalies find themselves in deep to their net, off line with the incoming puck angle, etc. and not wanting redirects to end up more dangerous.
    - Added a fix for user goalies redirecting pucks into their own net.
    - Improved audio hooks for glove saves for audio to be able to represent what they see better in how they talk about it.
    - Refinements for AI goalies cover logic. Tightened distance checks when puck is to side or behind the goalie, as we have less coverage reach to those areas and reduced time looking for a cover if they want to move laterally.
    - Fixes to goalie puck tracking.
    - Fixed logic to prevent goalie from getting hung up on one side of the net when they should be moving to the other.
    - improved ai goalie responsiveness when looking for covers around the net/crease.
    - Fixes to improve goalie behavior on dead pucks in around the posts and goal line
    - Fixed coverage and logic for goalie stick redirects to make them more reliable.
    - Fixes to goalie cameras where Puck Visibility is hindered with certain Goalie Cameras when the puck is behind the net.
    - Improvements to where goalies were staying in redirect saves too long on deflections/puck path changes.
    - Improvements to the directions the goalie would want to redirect the puck relative to their current position in the net and the incoming angle and position of the puck relative to them.
    - Fixes to consistency around goalies trying to pickup the puck around the net and/or through the net so that they all behave as expected.
    - Removed some old reactionary saves that looked like controlled chest/gut acquires so that they don't look like failed controlled saves. Goalies should play flinching blocking saves instead in the cases they don't have enough reaction time/control to hang on.
    - Added fix to goalie pickups by setting the blend off rate for the signature layers so that they blend off before the contact frame.
    - Various fixes for goalie cover puck logic.
    - Fix for when a goalie is moving above a certain speed, so they can try solving again sooner when the relative puck position has changed.
    - Improvements to how goaltenders hold the post when the puck is at sharper angles and limit how anxious they are to move off the post which potentially gave up the short side too easy.

  • 99% of the players in the beta do not understand the list of fixes released by EA.

    They think this is the final game.
  • 99% of the players in the beta do not understand the list of fixes released by EA.

    They think this is the final game.

    There's a difference between not understanding and not reading or knowing about the list of fixes. Someone doesn't know about that extensive list would rightfully assume this is as close as the finished product as possible.

    Saying that people don't understand implies they read it and don't grasp it, which I highly doubt.
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