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NHL 20 Patch Details April 3rd

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EA DEVS, please read this regarding online game-play quality


When do we get to have a game that isn't weighed down by the internet all the time? I had literally one day with the Beta where I could actually play the game and have fun and not feel like I was fighting against the controller more than my opponent. It was a great experience.

Since then I've had three days of nothing but fighting with the controller because it won't register my commands properly if it even registers them at all. I have days few and far between where the game actually plays as intended, but it's mostly negative. It isn't my opponent's skill causing the issue either. It is a very noticeable lag/delay/disregard for controller commands that resembles all of your players having a minimum value for all of their attributes.

My players look like they are constantly doing a moonwalk/backslide dance as I simply try to get them to skate. My opponents look like they all chugged red bull on the bench and have jet packs moving them around. Everything my player TRIES to do looks and feels labor-ish while my opponents look fast, fluid, and powerful in every way. This is NOT a skill gap thing. It's an actual limitation for everything that has to do with my team's/player's attributes.

That's the best way I can think of to explain what it feels like to play the game online. There's a difference between your opponent being more skilled than you and your entire team's abilities being nerfed. This game feels like the latter 90% of the time (Yes, I do get beat by skill too. I'm not blaming everything on lag)

Guess what? NO OTHER GAME gives me this problem (except other versions of NHL that is.) My daughter and her boyfriend play a bunch of non-EA games and have no problems like this at all. The success of your game online is literally dictated by the internet and not player skill and has been for way too long now.

It's the same story every year where we are given "canned solutions/suggestions" to try that never work because they aren't addressing the root cause of the issue (I don't know what the root cause is. That's YOUR job to determine.) I know in my case I've tried different routers and modems. I've had brand new lines run inside and outside of my house. I've tried wired and wireless. I've tried different router firmwares and settings.

I want to say that this experience is not limited to the NHL 20 Beta either. This has been a thing for the entire life of the current generation consoles for sure. I also feel like the older consoles suffered from this too, but not nearly as much as the new ones do. I do know that my DNF% seems to get higher every year as I get tired of competing against the delay/nerfing rather than my actual opponent.

If anybody else on here has this experience please chime in and keep this thread alive. Keep it classy and respectful though.
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