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NHL 20, CHEL and HUT should be different games...

I think watched NHL series in this generation consoles, it's clear that Online modes have been a very negative thing to the actual NHL game modes Franchise and Be a pro. Offline modes should have a lot more bigger role in this game series... Why those HUT and CHEL modes just could be an separate add ons? Like DLC releases? It is basicly stupid that players who buy this game every year and want's to have realistic career/Franchise modes are just seeing awful lots of content and focus just for online stuff.... There has been like 0 focus to the Be a Pro in last five years! it's not good at all for the long time NHL gamers...


  • I've mentioned this a few times already. The annually released game is NHL 20, 21, etc with it being 100% offline (GM, Be a Pro, Exhibition, Tournament, Shootout). The price point would be a fraction of the costs (i.e. $39.99). I would be more in favour of this model since I do not play online. The game itself would get roster updates up to the trade deadline and only 2 patches from release (i.e. October and November).

    The online modes is a separate purchase like NHL Online for the same price point ($39.99) which give you essentially the other half of the game: EASHL, HUT, Vs, and World of Chel, maybe online shootout. Those iterations get continually updated over a 3 year cycle. There may be 2-3 volumes of this game throughout the console life cycle. Maybe the game isn't as polished graphically compared to the offline versions or have as many new gameplay improvements as the annual offline release but it would improve the overall online experience.
  • I don't understand why they don't just release HUT as a Free-To-Play game. It's got enough microtransactions to keep it afloat anyways. They wouldn't even need to update it for the new year. Just release updated cards and things. Maybe they could even put a limit to the number of games you can use a card/player for in order to generate more team turnover. That could be a whole new conversation.
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