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Didn't like NHL 19?

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If you are like me, and about the rest of the video game hockey community who wants a true to life hockey game, and you didnt like NHL 19 then here's why you won't like NHL 20.

1.Its the exact same game as last year (and many years before but we won't get into that) with different animations.

2. It has the exact same programming as nhl 19 with different looking animations that ea employees do their best to make look as realistic with the same programming as last year.

3. The engine EA uses in the NHL series hockey video games works well with the code that EA NHL series video games has been running with for many years and NHL 20 is no different except for:

Different animations
Newly named old game modes
Head coach skins
And other nonsense features you will only spend time doing if you dont actually like playing the on ice product

And including your favorite EA nhl series features like:

Flying hockey players
Warping sticks, players, goalies, and even referees
An a.i system so bad its good at being bad
Clunky 1:1 animated deke controls that you still cant shoot half way or even any of the way through
Board interaction so bad youd thought this was still 1999

Seriously EA,

Good job on that battle royale mode though! You guys must hate your job unless you really dont care and like money instead!
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