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Thoughts on beta

Loved the improvements!! I mostly play eashl and threes. I can't say enough about how much I love the changes here. That being said..

- I've had no probs with scoreboard but I see others have, perhaps giving the option of where to put it would be nice.
- chat box while playing is annoying. As another user said take a tip from rocket league and let us send pre made chat dialogue.

-Passing is obviously the biggest gripe here. I know it's supposed to be better when the game comes out but I'm nervous. I feel that players can reach so much further to intercept passes and some teams are placing so many guys in front of the net that it's hard to run an offense in 6's.
-Puck pickups are still sometimes a problem and sometimes receiving a pass is tough. These are sometimes user errors so I won't beat this up.
- skating sometimes feels more clunky.. not sure if it's just me.. not sure how to explain it.. just curious if anyone else feels the same or if anyone could find the words to explain what I mean haha

- I dunno where to start! This mode gets better every year by miles. The inclusion of clubs and dropins was on my wishlist, I think just being able to select skater when you drop in is bad though). Being able to intercept passes was also big! The speed plays perfect! I don't have many things to complain about!
- I guess I do wonder if eliminator is the only mode for threes.. do we always play to 7 with money pucks on? Is there always just one period? I hope a club can make their own rules or a drop-in team can select their rules before game. I've personally not been a big fan of money pucks.

I love that beta.. I love having arcade threes when I just wanna have fun and 6's when I want more of a hockey Sim. I'm nervous that we will get too many modes though. I don't like 3's as it takes away from 6's and threes. I don't like splitting the drop-in and clubs because obviously it's another split (that's why I was happy they combined them). The NHL player base is really small. With talks of cross play the last few years many companies like EA keep suggesting they need it for games like FIFA.. NHL needs this more than any other game! Any game with a smaller player base would benefit more. I play 19 still and I'll play with and against the same people night after night.

Last comment..
Why end a beta? It is somewhat gutted.. we can't advance past 16 I am no buisiness guru and I believe sales are falling (maybe I'm incorrect) I would be advertising this beta a lot and leaving it open! Try to get as many people to try this as possible! I tried NHL on a whim a few years back and I've been hooked ever since. Most people are only gonna play it if it's free.. and also advertised in PS store. Find ways to increase the player base! Keeping this open a couple weeks and then leaving players hungry for more.. seems smart to me but maybe I'm wrong?


  • G1ll1es
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    Loved everything you had to say.

    In response to the skating feeling clunky, it is. There is still bad a.i decision making when paired with user control and the cpu a.i just exploits or handicapps it self. It makes for a battle just to skate instead of it being responsive and very in depth with its control.

    The same goes with stick handling when paired with the skating you should be able to deke and skate at the same time not just glide.. But gliding should make it easier and then obviously when at top speed it becomes harder and more animation worthy. At slow speed.. Stick handling sucks big time.
  • rsandersr47
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    I agree. I dunno much about programming but I'm sure a game developed through the use of different animations some things are hard to do?

    I will say that I never had the issue of receiving a pass only to have my player turn his body away from it (out of my control) that was one of my biggest issues with 19. There were some situations where I def didn't feel in complete control of my player though! It's certainly frustrating! I never felt this clunky in 19 it felt a bit more smooth.

    One thing that makes me REALLY happy (and I've not played much) it seems they REALLY toned down the effectiveness of CPU players. I dunno how many times I play in 6's or threes just to have one guy quit in threes or 3-4 in 6s and then they start a crazy comeback because the CPU is just always in position, bigger reach, better interceptions, hits like an enforcer, takes puck off players like a DD, and tracks the puck with perfection. It should HURT the team if a player quits not benefit them! I hope they keep cpu's how they are right now or make them even worse. They should be bad!

    Goalie play prob needs more updates than anything else. Right now it's rare a human plays a better goalie than CPU but I wish that wasn't the case. That's one reason I think human goalies in threes makes a lot of sense. The CPU is bad there so let human players play goalie and try to improve their game if need be then make them play a bit slower or make the goals to be a bit bigger to allow for a similar amount of goals that CPU players allow in threes. They will face a ton of shots and improve. Besides that goalies still have a hard time recognizing threats in 6's.. they have a REALLY hard time protecting any shot near the post right now.

    I think goalies need a lot more love in this game. A goalie shutting a team out should be a highlight, announcers should speak more highly of them, they should focus the majority of their efforts on goalie play in NHL 21. A good human goalie should play on the same level as a cpu and a great human should be REALLY good to have. As it stands now, if I play drop in I usually get irritated when a human jumps on my team (the opposing team will quickly ready up and my team will decide if we even wanna entertain it) if both teams get a goalie one will often times quit after allowing 1 goal then it's your human vs a cpu.. scoring first shouldn't be a bad thing.. I dunno how hard it is to code a goalie and how they play.. I know humans are sometimes better vs a lone breakaway because of cheesing the cpu goalies but CPU goalies are often times a bit better at everything else. I dunno what could be done to make it all work but if two human goalies routinely played full games it would be a lot more fun. Threes is a quick enough game that many goalies might finish more often.

    Also as far as adding a better player base.. I wonder if it would be possible to do the same with 6's that they did with threes and allow clubs to face dropins. I stopped playing club last year because it would take 20+ min or never to find a game with more than 2 players on the opposing team. Maybe make dropins form up and match with an equally big club. Could even allow on option in the club to allow a dropin player to form up with you and your squad. Also maybe instead of match player # we get a 2-6 and how many we're ok playing against.

    I also think they need a kick mechanic esp for dropins. We know most of the trolls so we exit when we see them whether they're matched on our team or the opponent. There needs to be an option to kick and everyone votes. If you get kicked more than once in an hour then you can't play for a couple hours. I've had goalies who run around the ice or players that take one step offsides and just stay there everytime you try to take it into the zone. They do things that the game won't pickup on or they'll play the entire game trying to mess you up in diff ways. I am ok with a bad player who is trying and I get that they may get kicked but it prob won't be often and maybe you can select that they're just not playing positional hockey and when they get kicked they won't have the wait time but are instead sent an option to view an instructional video/ to go to training camp/ be a pro. Last night we had a defenseman just skating around the ice as we played.
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