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Can we get 1 or 2 days of the gameplay build you intend to release at the end of the beta trial?

This way we can really give more feedback for crunch time ( release ).


  • They don't dare to it...
  • Stop your making to much sense
  • It's hard to give feedback on a two month old build. Because while they made a list of what they fixed, it's hard to know for certain if any of the gripes we had are actually fixed.

    In fact, if I was to make a comparison I would say this is like a chef of a restaurant trying to pitch a new dish to the COO of the restaurant but making the dish the day before and reheating it in the microwave when the COO is ready to taste it. Sure it's probably still pretty good. But it was much better when it was first made.

    I think EA made an error releasing a two month old build of the game. It's almost impossible to give an accurate assessment of the product in it's current condition if we can't get a real feel for it.

    Much like the restaurant example, it's hard to judge the dish if it's been reheated. It might be worth putting on the menu but there's no way to know for sure until you get to taste the dish right after it's made.

    (And yes I know that no chef would ever do a pitch like that but I had to think of an example and that seemed to be the most appropriate one to use)
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