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Monthly Collectables August (3 for 1 set)

Since this is basically the last month for this game, I bring this up why not bring back the 3 for 1 trade in set to end the year. It's summer people have vacations and go away, so chances are not everyone can be on all this month to accumulate monthly collectibles, why not give them a chance to collect some more with all their useless previous months collectibles people have, and trade in and use before the game is over...

I bring this issue up again because reading comments on twitter from EA Sports, I see you guys actually tell people to come to EA forums to ask questions or get information regarding issues with the game, but for the people who do come to EA forums they got screwed during the so called last month of the 3 for 1 trade in set. No one from EA posted anything on the forums page saying it was the last month of the 3 for 1 sets no heads up from anyone here, all that was said from someone at EA was after the fact, "sorry for the confusion"... But a developer with EA posted on Reddit at the beginning of that month to members on Reddit a heads up that it was the last month for the 3 for 1 set, so everyone on Reddit was given a months notice to use theirs, but not the people who use EA Sports Forums. That just seems wrong, then to send people here from Twitter when in reality it seems you should be sending them to Reddit then to get the right information regarding the game, since you don't want to inform the public here.


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