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Cousins Friend Worked At EA Vancouver

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So I was hanging with my cousin today who came home from Vancouver for a trip, talking about how me and my brother didn’t enjoy the beta and he brought up how he knows a guy who did an internship at EA Vancouver and worked on NHL 18, mentioned that the managers there don’t even play video games, that boggled my mind so much, the main focus of course is HUT he also said.


  • Meh, i would take that with a grain of salt.

    There is no way Ben, who is part of the lead development team, does not play this game.

    Your guy probably meant the managers higher up at EA and are not associated with the actual game development. I am fine if they don't play games. They don't need to. In the end, they are selling a product.

    Do you know how many feminine hygiene products are or were developed by men? I am pretty certain they didn't use the products they developed....
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    This topic isn’t going to lead to anything other than complaining about the devs and EA. The devs most definitely play the game. Some use this forum too. But they like to read feedback on the game, not EA corporate structure and assumptions that they only care about HUT.

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