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NHL 20 Patch Details January 30th

Check out our January 30th patch details here.

How is the player count on PS4?

Just found out EA Access is on PS4 now. Between a handful of PS4 exclusives to play and little time to play them, was curious whether NHL 19 is worth the install.


  • If you like offline modes then why not it’s a month till 20 comes out. If your looking to play online you’ll be facing stacked teams and may not be as enjoyable.
  • How's the drop in count?
  • EA_Roger
    1476 posts EA Community Manager
    Player count in PS4 and Xbox One are pretty much the same from what I know. Can't really give exact numbers though. Good to see you back on the forums @Taste-D-Rainbow

  • Socair
    2106 posts Game Changer
    Haven’t played drop in for ages, but no issues finding 6v6 club games.
    NHL Series Game Changer & Volunteer Moderator
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