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I was told by ea to massage on here re the 4 pack bundle that was on psn network last week... and had it listed as price of under 40 bucks avail till aug 20.. and then this week the bundle is gone. I have contacted pan and they said ea pulled it. I talked to ea and they had no clue. They said a moderator may contact me if I posted on here. Can someone please let me know what happened? Thanks


  • Socair
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    Hey @emrac
    I don’t know why the date changed or why it was removed from the PS store, but...
    My best guess would be the launch of EA Access on PSN. You would actually be saving $10 if you get the EA Access yearly subscription, which would give you all of those games as a free download. Check out all the details here https://www.ea.com/en-ca/ea-access
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