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Bugs/"I Don't care you already paid" issues no one bothered to fix, spotted in first BAP game

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Following applies to BAP mode (I play nothing else) I spotted in my FIRST game as AHL BAP player
- No instigator rule. Do a clean check and sit 5min in the box as you get challenged to a fight and can't back away. (not a bug, just an oversight "let's not implement the game rules in the game".
- When scoring all the players celebrating in the animation are the same height. Great immersion with my 6'6 player in BAP!
- Line Changes. Player can't find the door to the bench and spends 2-3 seconds fumbling on the board. In real life the player coming on ice jumps in before the other player enters the booth.
- If you get two penalties at once, only one penalty is shown and announced in the animations. So you won't know you got a second penalty until you notice your team is shorthanded.
- Assist to goals are not shown until the next shift. Too bad if you'r not on the ice after the goal. You won't know until the end game stats.
- Your defenders can't get the puck from behind the net without fumbilng on the boards for 2-3 seconds and then giving the puck to your goalie. I watch 10 year olds playing hockey and they can do this... AI defenders seem not to suffer from this.

These are just of the top of my head. And this game is one year old so they just don't bother.
I'd be embarrassed to be a dev on this title.
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