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OPEN LETTER TO EA, NO Responses Needed

This is just my final thoughts as I finish up with the EA NHL Series. I am playing NHL 19 to the end as i have invested thousands into it. I have no regrets for doing it, and am in no way blaming anyone for what I have chosen to do. But this game and company have become an ultimate joke. I have played the NHL series since the Sega Genesis days in 1993, played in online NHL leagues on the PC before consoles even existed. I made the switch to console gaming about 7 or 8 yrs ago. The last couple of years I have spent between 4 and 5 thousand dollars on HUT per year, Im ok with it, and I got to play with all sorts of cards that were fun. The HUT mode this year was good and had alot of incentives which were a bonus, but the programming and worst of all the servers were an absolute disgrace. I have played on an XB1X all season. Using an external drive and not. I have used 2 different routers throughout the year including an Asus RT AC 3100 and a Netgear XR 500. I currently have a cable 200/15 connect and a 50/10 dsl connect running to my house. Tested this game on all connects and router settings. In the end on the cable connect ran a 45 to 95 ping but fluctuates, and the dsl ran a solid flatline of 56 to 59. Its disappointing that the connection to EAs servers is unfavourable and does not set up a fair competition.

I have loved this game for over 25 yrs and still do , but this year EA, I have chosen not to buy your game as I feel it is the same rebranded piece of crap put out year after year.

Good luck to all purchasing this year, I will be watching the reddit forums close on how Chel 20 evolves.

Sorry EA but my money will go elsewhere this year

Thanks for the entertainment..........
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