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  • Tobbish wrote: »
    I've looked into the player preferences when it comes to strategies. You'd think those are fixed to what a player prefer (or at least seem to prefer), but no!

    Two franchises with Colorado, and this was Gabriel Landeskog's preferences...

    First time / Second time

    Balanced / Balanced
    Cycle / Balanced
    Balanced / Efficient
    Balanced / Don't Block

    I was planning on making things easier for myself (and others who wants it) by adding this "knowledge" to a spreadsheet, to make sure I went with the right player for a line (if I want to make the most out of the line chemistry sometime). But I'm sorry to say the player preferences seems completely random.

    I'm disappointed! Most players I've checked have felt reasonably accurate. But if I create another franchise with the same team and things can be completely different... it kind of ruins the whole point.

    Imagine a Boston franchise where the coach wants a to have a d-man that blocks shots on third pair, and you get a Chara that on this particular franchise doesn't like to block shots. I mean, of course he would block shots, but it's rather stupid if you get negative line chemistry because you were unlucky.

    It will basically create a likely mulligan routine when creating a franchise. If you're not pleased with a coach or a key player has weird priorities... delete the franchise and create a new one, and hope that it is better.

    yea. pretty annoying.

    ive edited players to change their player type and position for a slight chem boost ive found playmaker, two way, sniper works to add a little bit, playing a wing on his off side hurts so ive switched a couple LW to RW and vice versa.

    I did a create the 32nd franchise and i simmed the first two years, im in too deep to delete and start over. Its kinda absurd that JACK HUGHES (franchise tag) and 91 overall prefers to play on line two over line one. so stupid.

    I drafted a Franchise offensive D man and he is the captain, scores 25 plus goals 3 years in a row since being a rookie.

    Guess what my head coach thinks of him

    Spolier.... he doesnt like his franchise player.
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