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NHL 20 Patch Details April 3rd

Check out our April 3rd patch details here.

GWC Gameplay and Future Tournaments

Hello Boys!

Hope everyone is stoked for another year of EA hockey! <insert sly jabs here>

JK Devs and influencers but all kidding aside dont worry, I'll refrain from the usual 'game is trash' comments for now..

I actually didnt get in on the beta this year soo I cant really comment on gameplay. Im sure it's fine... My key interest THIS year lies with the potential upcoming 2020 NHL GWC and the game as a competitive esport in general.... OH yes!

See like many others, last year I competed in the 'top 100 regional qualifiers' in the US. (Not boasting here but I want to give some insight on my personal experience).

I think the format of how the tournament was run and how the qualifiers worked was a massive improvement from the year before. I am even onboard with having players utilize their hut teams to compete and qualify again. Now yes, I know there's an obvious elephant in the room of that ultimately playing out like a typical EA pay-to-win gimmick, but the fact of the matter is I think a majority of players spend MOST of their time playing in hut (EASHL aside) and I think the concept of building and competing with our hut teams is the best route to qualifing for another potential future esports tournament. There just has to be a fair and balanced way of us being able to build a decent team without having to resort to credit card purchases on EA pack lottery gambling.

That said, the biggest problem I had with the GWC last year was the actual [bleeping] gameplay! I mean what WAS that!?!?

For those that dont know , the games that took place for the GWC and all the subsequent pre-qualifiers were like a super slowed-down and laggy variation of the hut games we had all gotten used to and been playing all year. I mean seriously , how are you going to have an esports tournament with a game that plays nothing like the same game people were practicing and playing for!? I know it had something to do with the P2P connections and match play , which is what everyone wanted, but I dont think anyone wanted whatever that slow as molasses, skaters treading in quicksand and moving at 4mph gameplay that we got either! I mean come on EA!

Im not even going to touch the backskating, line glitching stuff either because I think it was made clear that was a problem but all im asking for is a little consistency in the gameplay!

Figure this one out devs because this was a huge let down for myself and many others. Its like if you were to train and practice for something all year, then you finally get an opportunity to compete, but the rules have changed and the game is playing at 1/2 the speed youre used to. Really demoralizing.

All in all, I'm hopeful that there will be future improvements as NHL gaming and this whole esports thing gets bigger and bigger. I hope this reaches someone who can address this and can improve the game for everyone!

That's all I got for now. Good luck this year all. See you on the ice! ;)

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