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Thanks for the memories

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As we finish that last CS of nhl19. It brings back the fond memories of players who have no hockey knowledge but because they can hold x or l1 and skate they are all stars. Just because you are a hall of fame legend goalie, you better think twice about that minor league goalie who will never make it to the league but is 4 inches taller than you, he will be a better goalie than you even though you are 99 rated. This game could have drawn me into playing 20 but in the end it was nothing but ragging dancing and the worst version of hockey I’ve played this season. Hope you guys enjoy it for those of you that have tried to help with advice over the year thanks for your input. Good luck to you with 20 I’m moving to a different game.


  • Tonysl79 wrote: »
    I love hockey too much to stop playing. I just hope another game maker comes out with a hockey game to encourage ea to focus on the game instead of micro transactions.

    I’ll just buy an old Nintendo and play blades of steel at least that was and arcade classic.
  • Tonysl79 wrote: »
    I still have my Nintendo and blades of steel. I still have my coleco vision with the Atari adapter with the hockey game. Crazy thing is it still works.

    And I bet you don’t complain about the guys that rag the puck in that game. Sometimes simple is better lol.
  • Lol. It’s just like the magical corner in double dribble.
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