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Technical Bugs

NHL devs,

First and foremost, I look forward to playing the game. With that being said, what has been done to rid NHL 20 of all the bugs & errors that plagued 19? Gameplay aside, the most frustrating part of 19 was having these errors occur so frequently and not knowing what exactly to do in that situation. For example, when the opponent rage quits after a goal, it’s a coin flip as to whether the game will freeze with a red spinning circle and never load out. Why has this amongst the many other inconveniences not been fixed, or even acknowledged when it’s been a big issue for almost the entire year? Nobody even knows what to do except to dashboard and hope we don’t lose cr for doing so. That’s one example. Other all too common issues are being split into separate lobbies while searching for a game with a friend. That happens daily, some days it happens several attempts consecutively. Dressing room errors, games loading in with a black screen until it times out and ends. Games not counting at all and being forced to the main menu instantly, winning games yet losing cr, being kicked from your servers in the last minute of the 3rd period in a game you’re winning big despite having no network issues whatsoever and being able to reconnect immediately. There are more examples obviously but I think we get the point...
Surely you all are aware and have been about these things for however long now, so should we expect them to carry over to 20? My assumption is an astounding yes, but I’d like to be more optimistic than realistic. What can we do if and when these issues affect us? Thank you in advance.
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