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NHL 20 Patch Details April 3rd

Check out our April 3rd patch details here.

Do we know if they fixed 3 on 3 strategies??

I only have one friend who I’ve played this game with for years so we always only have a 2 man club and play 3’s. The problem is no matter how much you set your strats to say for Kurtz to stay back and do his job (defence) it doesn’t matter, he always pinches in and gets in the way of our passing plays and if you aren’t aware of him being down low or near the net, you give up a break away. It’s absolutkey annoying, he doesn’t listen to you no matter what you set it at. He even blows you off a lot when you call for a pass, I’ve tapped my stick 3 times when I could have a break away and he holds on to it. Things like this need to be addressed...


  • Socair
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    Was fixed in the beta.
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  • Socair wrote: »
    Was fixed in the beta.

    Hmmm we played it, maybe not enough though. Hoping Kurtzy stays in his lane in 10 days here lol
  • LOL, it wasn't fixed in the beta. Yes you can set the AI to play passive all you want but they still race up the ice no matter where you and your teammate are. The AI in the NHL series has always been a disaster and probably always will.
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