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(XBOX) How to launch early access if you have pre-ordered and pre-installed

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Hello everyone,

It happens every year. Early access has began; you've pre-ordered and pre-installed the latest NHL game but XBOX keeps telling you that you're too early. It happened with Madden 20 too!?! Here's how to launch the game once Early Access starts:

1) Launch EA Access.
2) Within EA Access, locate NHL 20 and select Play Trial (or similar).
3) Exit EA Access, go to the store and visit the NHL 20 page.
4) The "Play" button has a small menu beside it and within it there is another option to Play Trial. Select that option and the game will launch.

Also, when launching Madden 20, an announcement appeared that warns the player to completely exit out of the game to stop the 10 hour countdown. We shall see if the NHL team adds a similar announcement.

They've also patched the ability to gain 10 more hours on a second account.

If you cancel your pre-order and uninstall the game you won't have to go through the above steps, but once you pre-order a second time you might get double the HUT weekly bonus packs, like I did two years ago (although it didn't work last year).
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