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Starting a new club for NHL20 on PS4 and I am looking for interested players

Hey everyone. I’m looking to start a new club for NHL20. For NHL18, I came on here looking to join a club but I saw a lot of people who needed clubs. I decided to just create a club for everyone to join and we had a lot of fun. We played a lot in 18 and even got to Div 2 but unfortunately for NHL 19 it didn’t work out for us. So I’m looking to start a new one for NHL20 just of players from here who are looking for clubs. I’m mainly looking for guys who wanna be competitive but play to have fun.

Just a little about how I play: I’m a team first center who loves to set people up for scoring chances. I’m great at face offs and I’m getting better in the defensive zone.

I’m from the eastern time zone (New York) and no mics are required. Message me on PSN at echez1010 if you are interested and we can even play some drop ins on NHL 19 to start getting some chemistry with each other.
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