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Menu transitions and general responsiveness still slow, clunky, unoptimized.

Not surprised to see the menu transition responsiveness and optimization is still atrocious. Maybe you guys can learn for next gen, but this is maybe the only series and developer that has slow as molasses menu and UI responsiveness. Look at MLB. Lightning fast and has been that way for years. You guys either aren't skilled at that side of development (which happens, maybe understaffed, whatever), or you just re-color your designs and re-use assets to corner cut each year. Whatever the reason, it's simply unacceptable for current gen to have menus and UI this slow and clunky.

I'm also assuming simulation speeds are identical as previous years as well.


  • At least let us use the Pin menu item feature to pin something beyond the top level menus (EASHL club 6v6 dressing room)
    EASHL player
  • NHL is a small niche game for EA, therefore it is treated as such, NHL gets such a small server capacity it is always bottlenecked, slow, and bogged down. EA won't pay the money to give NHL a larger server or improve net code.
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