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Loyalty Reward Packs ( Didnt get one)

Playing EA Access on PS4.
The Game crashed after getting the Starter Pack and building the Starting Teams.
After several crashes when trying to enter HUT Mode again, i was able to start HUT but i am wondering
that there are no Loyalty Rewards Packs for playing ( a lot of Games ) in NHL19 / 18 / 17....

Did you get the Packs?


  • on XB1, mine didn't crash at all, but didn't get the loyalty reward or 85 Matthews.
  • > @SiIentButtDedIy said:
    > on XB1, mine didn't crash at all, but didn't get the loyalty reward or 85 Matthews.

    Are we supposed to get these during the EA early access?
  • decided to open a case with EA support and before completing the form an alert at the top of the screen says.

    "If you're eligible for Loyalty Rewards, you won't get your rewards during the NHL 20 EA Access trial—you'll get them when the full game launches."

    I am presuming that the 85 Matthews falls along the same timeline
  • Thank you that makes sense why I couldn’t get mine
    I bleed hockey!!!!!!!!!!
  • Treatmentworke66
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    edited September 2019
    I didn't get mine either so I guess I'll just play VS till Tuesday
  • I watched Bacons Video,
    on 1:35 you see his Loyalty Packs.
    Wondering that we will not get them

  • and at about 2:37 at the end of his comments on pre-order content he says "but ea didn't give me that with the copy they gave me". so he has a juiced copy so he can market / sell it for EA.

    After burning through 7 of my 10 hours, the loyalty packs look like they are going to be pretty worthless anyway, as my team is nearly all 80+ now.
  • EA_Roger
    1483 posts EA Community Manager

    Sorry about the confusion on this, as per the comment above these rewards will only be available with the full game, not the trial.
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