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CPU Penalty Shots

Why is it that sometimes he’ll come in and just skate straight at the goalie 10 times in a row and then once in a blue moon he’ll do a deke? Then on 2 on 0 you’ll be calling for a pass from him and he’ll just skate on into the goalie? It’s half funny but frustrating at the same time.


  • completely agree
  • I think I've recognized a pattern with CPUs and their penalty shots. It seems based on the score from my perspective (maybe momentum plays a factor I'm not sure). Like if you're up 5-2 your CPU won't do anything but if they're up 5-2 and your CPU gets a penalty shot, he scores more than you'd think. In terms of them not passing it, it happens and I have no idea why. They'll pass it to you if they're on a breakaway but won't pass on a 2 on 0, no idea. Hope this provided some insight though @walsh8755.
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