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No patches or tuner updates please

Generally the 1st couple patches revert the game back to be more like the previous years game. Even in 18 and 19 the game was better before all the tweeking and patching.
so far ai feel this game is a very good improvement, haven't noticed the "stuck in the mud" skating, my guys are scooping up loose pucks, no more randomly overskating or not getting possession. The new shot animations are solid and gives good variety to the shot animations. I'm absolutely loving the fact my defenceman intercept passes threw the slot instead of just looking at them coast by for easy goals against, And there's a noticeable new feel to the skating and the way the skaters.move and shift.
Im just hoping they dont patch the game and ruin it as they tend to do after they start tweeking it.


  • I think that the Majority of players feel the same way
  • Yes this is totally true. I’ve liked the way loose pucks were in the beginning of those games and then first patch came and totally went backwards
  • Do not mess with game speed, keep it fast!
  • What game modes are you all referring to?
  • The game speed needs to be the same. To me it's really good where it is.
  • EASHL is in pretty bad shape. Game pace is good but the goal scoring is absurdly easy in 3v3. The same cheesy goal over and over. go to the top of the circle and shoot a quick wrister, top shelf. Team play is not rewarded. My team crushes other teams in statistics but lose 7 to 8. The last game we played we lost 7 to 3. We had 32 SOG to their 10. Never gave up a penalty shot. Not an exaggeration either. We've lost all of our games with similar stat lines. I have started a collection of pics as proof. Doesn't matter how good you play with your team, only that you get to the top of the circle at some point.
  • @orion41080 thats the problem, we are all talking about different game modes and a patch is gonna change the game for them all universally. I think vs games are near perfect right now a few minor tweeks will make it the best its been in a decade.

    But also i agree for 3s its kinda poop, so i hope they dont ruin vs and hut repairing 3s and eashl
  • wow you guys need to go read every other post on the forums. you few may like the game the way it is, but most everyone else thinks 19s end of year was better, including me. so good luck, but the patch is coming.
  • ExSnake01
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    I had the exact same opinion for 19 when it first came out. But after a month or so with the updates and tuners, they reverted many things I didn't enjoy like the skate in mud feel or slowing the speed of the game down. Pretty much spent $65 for a great hockey game which only lasted a month.

    Hoping these opinions stay the same after October so I can play this again.
  • NHL 19 beta is still the best NHL!
    EASHL player
  • NHL 19 beta is still the best NHL!

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