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The Single greatest thing ruining NHL 20 and the series

After spending time with the NHL 20 trial I have discovered the single greatest problem with the game and the series. I won’t be breaking any new ground here as many of us have complained about it for years but after a lot of thought I believe the problem is the biggest and if they ever corrected it would dramatically improve this very flawed game.

First of all those who know me from the forums know I’ve been around awhile and have plenty of gripes about the series. Many of you offline hardcore sim guys share those gripes as do some online players. I’m going to list them anyway.

Brain dead AI
Lack of player separation
Legacy issues
No Roster Share
Lack of board play
Lack of Neutral Zone play
Special teams play all wrong
Idiotic commentary
Lack of stat overlays
Lack of penalties

I’m sure I’m forgetting a few but that will do.

Occasionally I reflect on my position on the series and wonder if I’m being to hard on the game. It is NHL hockey after all....the fastest and most high paced sport around where many things happen in split seconds. Surely it cannot be easy to duplicate it in a video game. So after playing the NHL 20 trial and seeing some good things but also seeing ALL of the old bad things I have decided I could live with all the bad things if they just fixed 1 thing........Player separation. ���� Boom right? “Hey no crap Jake thanks making us read this just to complain about something we already know”....but let’s look at it deeper because it’s been the sole problem that has ruined this game since it’s inception.

Let’s start with our wish for it to return to PC. I loved the game on PC and like many have pined for the days of NHL 2004 through 2009. The modding community was amazing. That said as I look back with all the mods and tools available the players all pretty much played the same and every team felt like every team.

Let’s examine our thirst for Roster Share, one of my biggest gripes. Why? Sure it makes getting better rosters faster. The revamped roster project was amazing and absolutely made the game better but in the end every player still pretty much played the same and every team felt like every team.

When you play against the Caps you should know you need to prepare for when Ovie is out there. You should know when he’s out there but you don’t. Until you see his name or signature shot (wow) you don’t know him from a 4th liner.

When you are skating down the boards in the corner against one of the top hitters you should know “I’m about to get plastered”....but you don’t you will most likely bump off him like you were hit by any of the other cones on defense.

When you play Tampa you should know your facing Valishevsky in net and that D is going to make it hard to enter the zone. Oh better be mindful of when their top line is out....but your not. Line 1 line 4 same thing same North South game.

How about squaring off with the Bruins? You should know it’s going be a grind fest and a lot of hitting but no....it’s just another game that feels just like every other game.

Now I haven’t played Madden in years that game lost me for other reasons. But I remember playing seasons on their and when I played the Patriots you knew you were facing Brady. You had to scheme to play him. Playing against a top CB don’t throw in that direction. A bull hard running back? Stuff the middle. A quick speedy RB? Watch the outsides. Michael Vick? Always....Always be ready for him to take off. Bottom line is when you played a specific team you knew it and felt like you were playing that team.

That’s what’s sorely missing from the NHL series. It’s why none of us can make it more than a month playing the damn game. It gets so boring and stale because every single player and as a result every single team feels exactly the same. I used to blame the lack of players separation on HUT but it’s honestly been in the game forever.
If they would only address this I believe I could live with many of this games flaws, still complain lol, but live with it because I think I would have fun.



  • What's irritating is, I check off player wide instead of close support. I'm expecting the player not to follow me and get open. More often then not. The player follows me, and I have no one to pass to, or worse yet gets in my way.
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