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NHL 20 Patch Details January 30th

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Early preorder bonus not received

I preordered the game on 7/11/19 on time for the Matthews 85 and then last night the preorder was canceled and $ was back into my wallet I re did preorder was told would get the Matthews card still by Sony but I didn’t and now I can’t figure out what to do, Sony says they can’t give me 3rd party content so what will happen and this is a wide spread issue seems it’s people who preordered in NHL 19 and then got EA ACCESS


  • The problem is on EA's end (although if you ordered through Sony they should go after EA for you). The same thing happened to me but I don't have EA assess. I also lost my 10% discount for ordering early. EA took our money, kept it for two months and then the day we were to get our pre orders, they cancelled it and want us to buy it again for a more expensive price (or join EA assess) and they also took away the Matthews card. I don't think so. I know a few people who are furious with EA over this, EA should fix this, apologize and compensate everyone involved.
  • Same here, but bought the Ultimate Edition back through NHL 19 menu, so it was 116.99$ like the 1st time I bought it and for the cover athlete choice pack, when I turn on my game today it was in my unopened packs.
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