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Anyone else got a solution?? Problems with Face off

Any time I push down (not pull back) on the skill stick to take a face-off, my player tries to win the face-off and I end up getting the too early sign and lose the face-off. I'm losing every face-off because I can't push the skill stick down. I even bought a new controller thinking it was the controller, but same thing happens. Anyone else get this and know how to solve it?


  • Socair
    2204 posts Game Changer
    When you say “push down” do you mean clicking in on the RS?
    NHL Series Game Changer & Volunteer Moderator
  • You are supposed to hold the RS to the side and than curve it down. So for a left handed player, to take the draw on your backhand, you would hold the RS to the 3 o clock position and than when the linesman drops the puck you would swing the RS down to the 6 o clock position.
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