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What strategies do you guys play? I feel like my AI dont cover any pass, or dont pick up any loose pucks, while my opponents AI is aggressive on the puck. Any hints?


  • It' seems the less you do the better the AI becomes ,
  • That is horrible if its true.
    I get really frustrated, cause they seem to hide in offensive zone, and slack in defensive zone. I cant find any lanes, so it ends up me being a right analog cheeser doing circles in the corner.. something i dont want to be.
  • Jeff_frm_Edmonds
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    I play Strategies to the player style or type. The Menu will tell you which strategy fits which player style. You can't ask Grinders and Power FWDs to be playmakers or shooters. They need to get in front of the net for deflections and rebounds.

    When I build my FWD lines I play PLY with the highest faceoff ratings at Center unless there is a huge ratings gap like Silver vs. Gold. Since I'm most comfortable with left handed shots I look for a lefthanded SNP on the left wing and another PLY or TWF on the right. I will play Overload (for skilled players) with this type of line. Likewise my grind line is GRN with TWF or PWF and i crash the net. I don't think I've seen a ENF this season yet but last season they fit into the Overload lines better than my Grind lines. If i have an odd mix like PLY & GRN I just play it standard. (Edit to add: i have a TWF center my Grind lines)

    With the blueline I avoid OFD & DFD lines and play with 1 TWD on each line. I like to have guard the point and play for shots. My D is also the only place I put a right handed shot on the left and vice versa. I do this for the O-zone faceoff and a slappy off the draw.

    I like to muck it up and use a lot of big players but it does feel like it's harder to make hits this year but it's still early and my only Synergy so far is AD. I always try for NP first and like the old BE and BR which i think is AD and WC this season.

    I pay attention to the ratings as well. If you have a player with low discipline they won't fit into anything. If you have a low endurance rating they can't be on the ice more than 20 seconds or they break down. Awarness matters too so don't have a low D player on the PK regardless of OVR rating or they'll just be stading around.
  • This is what I call a good answer! Thank you Jeff :smiley:
  • Some additional tips.

    Defending rushes:
    Unless you're very confident in your abilities, don't try to hit or move towards the oncoming forwards. Instead back up at the appropriate speed to create a good gap, where you can both attempt pokes and block shots or passes. Stay in front of the forward, slightly to on the goal side. If you see him prepare a shot, get in front of it.

    Defending established play:
    Don't be too aggressive! Don't chase after curling players in the corner, by the boards or behind the net. Your priority is to not allow passes through or into the slot and to not allow anyone to walk out in front of your goalie. Be patient. Only be aggressive when your opponent tries to walk into the slot or if you see that he (or she) is not in control of the puck. Use a strategy that aligns with this priority. If you have problems defending established play I would recommend against using "Tight-point" for instance. You should prevent your defenders from getting too spread out.

    The "Defensive Pressure" setting matters, combine it with the "Defensive strategy" setting to achieve the above.

    Finally: Use the "Efficiency/Energy" slider available for each offensive line. The higher you set it the more your AI players will hustle, BUT, they'll also become tired faster and won't be able to recover in time for their next shift. Set it too high and you'll suffer towards the end of each period.

  • Efficiency/energy, does that affect all players on ice, or just the 3 forward on that specific line? Im having trouble keeping my defenders above water come 3 min left in period.
  • Badeskum1 wrote: »
    Efficiency/energy, does that affect all players on ice, or just the 3 forward on that specific line? Im having trouble keeping my defenders above water come 3 min left in period.

    It will be set to the specific line, I thought the D had their own slider. It will tell you when you are at that screen what and for who.

    I do notice that Ds seem to have low endurance to begin this season with where as I thought they were higher than the FWDs last season. I was looking to buy or roll for Lidstrom but he was low to mid 80s in endurance and that guy played 35+ min/game in his career.
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