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High Latency/Input lag

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Hi, I live in Australia, played the NHL series since 94 (and thats just the earliest I can remember). This years NHL 20 I so far have a very good HUT team but when I try take them online I get smashed with 1-2 second delay after I press pass, shoot etc. I DONT EXPERIENCE THIS WITH ANY OTHER GAME! We have a great internet connection, my son can play Fortnite while im online gaming and the rest of the family's streaming and we have no issues. We shut down all devices except the xbox one for NHL and go online, ms is always 180 minimum, and input lag is a disgrace. As I said we dont experience this with any other game . I have tried every test and suggestion at I could find online and nothing worked. The resounding response Ive had is that EA doesnt care about its overseas customers and that its servers are just for North Americans.

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  • Middle of last year EA not only transitioned some game modes, HUT for example, over to server play, but also added a few servers. Because of this, people who don't live in "served" areas suffer very high latencies from the longer trip the game traffic must make, which is unfortunate and unfair.

    Just curious, but how much of a following is there of hockey "down under?" I never would have thought there was much popularity there.
  • We have a pretty good following of hockey down here, we have a league that operates accross states and is on pay TV. Austrralians love their NA sports. Thats probably the problem being so far away people think the game wont fly in Australia but it does.
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