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Ea There should be a 10 second timer

This ragging of the puck,this is ridiculous people sitting behind The back of the net ragging the puck, there should be a 10 second timer for how long you can stand behind the back of the net, then after that happens ea should give you a warning and then if you do it again.

you should get kicked from the game for poor game play,it’s not fun and it’s not right,it wrecks the game and u people that do it .ea should crack down on it and make it fair for other people this has been a problem for along time and should be delt with by ea sports


  • Calm down! But sure would be great if computer would chase behind own net... it doesnt even if you put high intensity on DEF.
  • I like the idea to have penalties for a delay of game with regard to puck ragging. But with regard to call this penalties after a dedicated time period I guess these players would move there players just up to the goal line and then backwards behind the net to reset the timer...
  • Ragging is frustrating, it happened to me last year and posted 2 videos about it.

    I do rag the puck against All-Star or Superstar AI often. Never against players.

    And when the AI strategy switches to 2 forwards coming at me behind the net this forces costly errors. So this is a solution but of course then he will use it to his advantage to attack more efficiently.

    If you time it correctly you will get a chance to score after a turnover and he will stop doing that. This year is a bit tougher on effectively ragging the puck and that's a good thing when facing real life opponents.
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