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Anything in game that tells us what the rewards are?

Is there anything in HUT that tells us what each of these Solo Battles reward packs contains?



  • Nope. Not until those packs are released to buy I dont think
  • Since today is the official drop we should see them at 2PM Pacific Time.
  • They release this stuff without any real information and we are supposed to be mind readers. Things never change.
  • WealthyFriends
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    edited September 2019
    OK so the middle pack is a Mega Pack of 30 items, 15 Gold players, 4 80+ players. The 3rd pack is 10 items, all Gold players, at least 2 80+ players.

    These are good rewards assuming the packs aren't watered down.. actually they probably feel like good rewards early in the year but come December they will probably feel like they are poor rewards.
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