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Copied from a topic at the operation sports forum:

2019 and the creation/customization options for the NHL-series are still pretty weak. Roster sharing is still missing, goalie masks are the same as the last five entries, as are logos, custom music is gone and so on.

Compared to the other big sports-franchises it might just be the worst (never tried Madden tbh) and I'm not very hopeful that EA will expand on it for quite a while. What we do know is that EA never had any problem expanding the modes that make them money. 

With that said, would you pay if EA developed a mask editor that could be downloade for example? I know that I would cough up a couple of bucks for it at this point. 

Never mind what you think should be included in a sports title 2019, I agree that it is just lazy not to have them in, would you pay for it and how much?


  • I’ll tell you exactly why I wouldn’t give them a dime....it would open Pandora’s box....set a new and bad precedent. Micro transactions have already all but destroyed the video game industry. Story driven games have no imagination or depth and sports titles get very little attention to AI and gameplay as all resources now go to maximizing micro transactions and loot boxes.
    Imagine what happens when other developers see EA generating additional revenue by charging for a roster share feature or a logo and mask editor. Before you know it we’re all shelling out extra dollars for features that should and were in the games already.
    The madness has to end.
  • Meh, I sincerely do not think this game is worthy of a Triple A $80 price tag. That being said, I wouldn't spend a dime on this.
  • I would pay for additional enhancement to Franchise mode, yes. A supplementation package that greatly improves the sophistication i.e. player faces, minor league, euro league (any league even if they have to be fictional (like Russia and US colligate) due to licensing) integration. How about minor league stadium packages etc. etc. etc. etc.

    I would NOT pay for a "goalie mask" editor.

    I would gladly pay for someone's labor.

    I would gladly pay for a well crafted game and/or additional content.

    I would NOT pay for a half-baked, child manipulating, DDA filled, online racket.
  • Axel_Owretchsin
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    edited September 2019
    Honestly the way the series has gone, the series should be $60 at the start of a console gen (if the game is re-made from the ground up for the new consoles), then ~$15 annually bc it's clear they just edit some things. I mean just look at most of the game, Rosters screen, the ENTIRE creation zone unchanged except for different fonts and colors. NO new logos, 0 improvements or quality of life changes. Definitely not worth $60+
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