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    You’ll have to open a case at EA Help https://help.ea.com/en/
    Unless you bought the game or your subscription has expired, it ought to work, so not sure what’s up.
  • Why do I need to open up a case when it’s a systemic issue on the EA Access app that isn’t limited to just me. No one can play the trial anymore via EA access. It’s an EA and PS Store issue, not a user-side issue. Check reddit as well.
  • The same thing happened to me! The first time I went in it said it was locked to my user and would not let me in even though I was signed in and still had 10 hours. I contacted EA help and got a run around for a few days and finally spoke with someone today who told me that it is a known issue and EA has told the PS Store about it. He said the button to re-download the trial should reappear in the PS Store in the coming days... Hopefully they fix it ASAP!
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