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The game out of the box is a mess!!

Why can we not have realistic player movement,PP setup,PK setup,players just skate wherever not staying in position ,just a wild play style.I don't want arcade style of play,would like realistic .Trying to mess with the sliders to kinda get it right.Not trying to stir up problems,just want realistic hockey.


  • jake19ny
    688 posts Member
    edited September 2019
    Join the club my friend. Many of us who love the NHL and the beauty of the game of hockey have been banging this drum for years.
    EA has decided to take the series in an arcade like direction. There is no special teams play....no neutral zone play.....no board play. Your favorite NHL superstar plays identical to an AHL player.
    Every team plays exactly the same and it’s just.a North South pong game and an abomination of NHL hockey
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