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NHL 20 is a massive IMPROVEMENT over 19

Game feels great to me. My scouting club put up 7 goals on a GLG which last year we'd have been lucky to get 2. Can't play goalie like Lundquist and be good anymore either. Personally I've had no issues with D either. You have to respect a forward's speed or you'll get burned. Cross creasers are super easy to pick off with positioning, and stopping the stretch pass that would have gone right between your feet last year is easy.
Only bug with goalies is when the occasionally try to cover and can't and you get a crazy poke fest.

I've seen forwards who can dangle, but you have to actually be good at it to succeed now. Skill gap is back. I think anyone who takes an honest look at this game - and is willing to admit a single player shouldn't be able to win a game when his teammates are bad - will realize EA nailed it this year.

Overall game is way more realistic and a huge improvement over 19. Love this game right now.


  • I have to agree to an extent on how this game is. There is still so many glaring issues with this gme which makes it very similar to 19. If you are playing 6s in EASHL, I think the game plays great but if you play with even aa single AI player, this game is a frustrating mess at times. If you play offline, I feel bad for you because all the AI is an absolute joke on a regular basis. Glitch goals are even more accurate, goalies are brutally bad. Game is fun at times and I can see how the 6s crowd loves it but this game is far from a good game right now but don't worry, EA will start tuning soon and ruin any fun that you've had so far
  • I only play 6s, so I can't speak to the AI at all. I stopped playing regularly with AI when they dropped GM Connected lol.

    But good catch, I should definitely say that my opinion on how much better the game is now is from my 6s experience
  • I agree with you GOW, I think that the 6s portion of the game is very good, fun and overall that way, it's a good game. They really made it much better for the 6s crowd and leagues too.
  • Gameplay wise, I have to agree, I really enjoy the game for the first time since 14. Presentation wise, not so much, everything is waaaay over the top.
  • Agreed
  • Literally disagree with everything in the OP..
  • no way , i can't believe you say the game is more realistic.. everything is about offense , no way to defend.. oh btw , i am always in top 200 each NHL, i know how to play the game.. but this nhl is horrible to me.
  • I agree that 6s is the best it has been on this gen. Still some issues but def an improvement. Playing against AI is horrible though. When playing 6s, and someone leaves, the AI replacments are godly. Should be the opposite.
  • henryclay1844
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    Personally I think it is the best of the generation, which should always be the case, but don't like that has been true for some games like 19 in particular. I like that there are different ways to score. I've even had goals on the break away and through the five hole which never happened. Still big problems with AI positioning of o and d and don't like how the AI can just whip the puck around so easy at times and how the puck can vacuum right to their blades at absurd times, but it is still an improvement over the last couple years. Hopefully they don't change too much on patches, last year was a mess with all the changes they tried.
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