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NHL 20 Patch Details April 3rd

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NHL Bumper-Cars

Anybody else feel like the game this year is, once again, like playing bumper-cars, except with a stick and puck instead?

There is no continuity or rhythm to this series anymore. It's nothing but six skaters in the middle of the ice exchanging bumps that stun you for a moment over and over again while the puck changes possession over and over again while your skaters are frozen to the ice OR puck-raggers turbo-skating all over the ice while your defencemen wobble back and forth like wet spaghetti noodles unable to do anything that resembles a hockey move.

There is ZERO incentive or reward to use actual passing as a weapon either as passes are too slow, get intercepted by turbo skaters with their back to the play, or just plain go in the wrong direction.


  • Treatmentworke66
    977 posts Member
    edited September 2019
    Hitting is is almost but gone ,the AI is jacked up, incidental contact is ridiculous and once again protect the puck is King, spamming the stick lift is a good thing and of course the goalies are still trash ,EA's vision of hockey
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