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I haven’t played NHL 20 I’m just going off what I read on forums or see on YT. But damn the things people complain about the most in NHL 20 we’re things we were told were getting fixed this year.

Remember when they told us LT spamming wouldn’t be effective anymore? From what it seems like to me LT spamming is worse this year than it was on the last gen games. It ridiculous that nothing got done about that because no one, and I mean NO ONE skates into the o zone backwards because it doesn’t help you at all, and it shouldn’t.

Another big thing was that the goalies were getting upgrades, again that seems like a bold lie by our “friends” at EA SPORTS. If the one handed tuck still works without any moves before pressing the bumpers your goalies need to be fixed EA. It’s so frustrating when NHL caliber goalies let in goals NHL caliber goalies shouldn’t. And I know you’ll use the excuse “It’s hockey weak goals happen” yea maybe once or twice a game not every game 4-5 times a game.

Please EA fix stuff throughout the year, add new features between years. This bare minimal thing is done with me and a lot of others. You need to get this series back to playing like hockey should.

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