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NHL Hitz is back !!!

This is not hockey, why dont start from a solid game?
Nhl 19 with latest update was fine.
This is fast, almost impossible to create a good and realistic play.
Poke checking in defense are ridiculous, hits are insane, aggression in the momentum are more faster, it's like a wrestling match.
The physic of the puck is crazy, some time bounce with no sense.
Pass interception are to high and most of the time broken, controller also some time dont work in the right way, i put for a pass and the puck goes in a completely different direction.
And for last, make something for the connection, i live in europe and i found only Finnish people, and is almost impossible to play against, are too fast.
Put the room like past NHL games.

At present is the same of old nhl hitz !!!! :-(


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