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This game right now...



Don’t rush a tuner...but we really need one.

It feels like a pinball game on acid.

Actually that sounds fun!

I’ll be back in a week


  • Relax.
  • 🤣🤣🤣 that was random.
  • Tonysl79 wrote: »
    It’s not real life it’s a game so you always have to expect less than perfect gameplay.
    If they could make the game a true representation of hockey the only people playing would be real hardcore hockey fans which would lead to less sales, even higher game prices and more incentive for micro transactions.
    That makes for an unsuccessful business model so that’s why the “arcade” style has evolved.

    I get that.
    It’s simple.
    Arcade modes.
    Sim modes.
    Let’s figure this shhheet out!
  • Imagine if EA allowed us to rent servers like Battlefield where we can customize our own games with our own sliders.

    Feature for NHL 21 @NHLDev lets get it!
  • The entire game is a perversion of the idea of "sport." Full sim is an arcady joke just like the other three game styles. The "arcade" style the game has moved towards is actually just a reduction of the skill gap to mere bosons. The casual players find nearly as much success as skilled players. The only guys who are "top players" are really just okay players who exploit mechanical gameplay flaws. Now who wants to play that? Who buys a hockey game other than for hockey gameplay, at least gameplay that somewhat resembles hockey? And this gameplay doesn't, at all. Obviously the gameplay is going to be less than perfect, but it doesn't even appear that there's an attempt to move torward actual hockey gameplay, rather it's going in the opposite direction. It's not even a priority over festival scenery, outdoor rinks, and colorful facemasks. They're not just killing their core with this stuff, they're killing everyone except kids 12 and under.
  • Developers haven't even shown their face, this is popcorn eating awesome.
  • I don't think it would be as bad if the game had a closer offensive/defensive balance, but we all know how EA feels about playing defense.
  • In my own opinion, just cut down on those behind-the-back pass interceptions and get rid of LT as a viable strategy to keep the puck and this game would actually be quite decent. Heck, it would actually be a good improvement over 19 what with the new shot animations and pass receptions that got added this year.
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