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If you could change one attribute for one player on official rosters.......

If EA asked you if there was one attribute for one player that you would like for them to fix in the official roster, who and what would it be?

For me, after pleasantly seeing alumni teams in play now, I was shocked when one of my favorite players Tim Horton was given 88 for strength.

*Clears throat*
From the NHL 100 articles;
Johnny Bower - "who believed.... could lift a filled 40-gallon oil drum."
Dave Keon - "recalled that Horton could throw around railroad ties "like they were toothpicks."
Bob Baun - "saw him barricade an intersection in Quebec as a prank by lifting barrels of cement."
Gordie Howe (95 Strength as of Sept 19th 2019) - "the strongest player in hockey."
Link to article

Im not asking for Horton's overall to be raised, and even if strength was at 99, his overall in game would only be 87 (which it is at 86 currently)

Im just saying EA gives this man 88 for strength, was dubbed 'strongest player in hockey by Howe', and Howe himself is 95 for strength.

I would tell EA it would be Tim Horton, Strength, from 88 to at least 94.

What about everyone else?
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