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Mascot Items in Chel

Anybody secretly wishing they could play online Three's as gritty?
They should totally have mascot items in Chel.


  • GramerProfesur
    494 posts Member
    edited September 2019
    I'd rather Threes and Ones be Arcade and 3v3/6v6 be sim so this idea makes sense. That way there is a balance and we can distinguish between the two. Like the idea of being able to play as mascots in Ones and Threes. If we're going that route would like to see a big head mode in Threes too (maybe when money puck is activated?)

    Not only would the gameplay of Threes and drop-in/club separate players, but so would the cosmetic differences. Problem right now is that it's arcade across the board which ticks off the sim players like myself. If you made it sim across the board though, you're going to have the kids and arcade players angry. Need a balance between modes

    [Socair - edited swear filter]
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