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Penalties? Anyone?

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I'm starting to think the penalties in this game are broken.....again. Several games I have been able to poke check like crazy and slam players like an NHL Hitz game. Rarely anything gets called.

The CPU and CPU Teammate Penalties are on 50. The Penalties under the Rules section is 4/4. Plus, I might get a call, but the CPU never does??

UPDATE: I'm up 2-0 in the 3rd period and suddenly, I'm constantly getting penalized for tripping and everything. Convenient.

Nashville had 5 PP chances in the 3rd. Unreal. I played no different than I did in the first two periods.

I barely beat them 3-2. Wow. Just wow, EA. Oh, I had 0 powerplays.
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  • That's ice tilt for you. The game is programmed to try to get the losing team back in the game.
  • No wonder I "almost " came back and tied the game in the 3rd period from behind by 6.
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  • Yup. My passing finnaly was in top 80% as soon as I was up 4 goals at the end of the 2nd it became a different story. In 3rd period not a single pass went in the direction I aimed. I went down to 49% and lost the game by 3 goals. My AI stopped skating except when I would get the puck in which they would run me over to make sure i lost posession. My goalie got run over yet no penalty but my guy gets pushed into the opposing goalie 4 times and get penalized on all of them. My goalie was so dumb he skated towards the corner multiple times on breakaways.
    Huge delay in reaction time when trying to pass, shoot, forecheck and skate. If I am losing then the gameplay is easier. Depending how far apart you score goals to almost tie the game will decide when it will go back to being ridiculously difficult.
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