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LD veteren looking for compentent club

Hey there, been playing D full-time for the last 5yrs now (mostly LD, can fill in at RD as well) - entertaining the thought of joining a club, but I am really only looking for one with mature (older) players that want to have fun, as well as being competitive (not into the rage types..).

Oh and I also had around 100+ games in net last year... can fill in there from time to time if needed


  • Still lookin' boys...
  • Still looking for a club? Message me if you are
  • sorry hadn't checked in here in a bit... but I did send U a message reply brother - still on the hunt
  • Are you still looking for a team?? We are the Thunderbay Outlaws. Our record is about 60-40-4. We are decently completive but also wanna just have fun. We are looking for defensemen so we can start playi g6s more. If you're interested let me know!
  • That I am... I will message ya
  • x Domi 13 x Hit me up Im GM for AHF League team playing in competitive upcoming season.m weekly 10 EST.
  • We are looking for members to join the west coast wolfpack.. Currently filled c and rw but all positions available otherwise.. We play 7pm-10pm ish GMT.
    C-in his 30s
    Rw-just turned 40..
  • WarMachine2006
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    Hey if your interested we are a well established club been around since NHL10, we are TOP DIV. 1-3 team. We have 6 core players and 2 guys that rotate in and out. We are looking to expand our roster for more playing time for when guys aren’t on. We range from 25-35 age range and all have mics, been playing together for years! Hit us up?

    ThunderBay OutLaws / [OWNER] [A. CAPTAIN]
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    ThunderBay OutLaws / [OWNER] [A. CAPTAIN]
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