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Is there momentum? I played some good players and i was doing great. Now all of the sudden my players like Gaudreau can't catch a silver player and i lose every battle, always late... it is frustrating. I know it from 19...18...17... what is it? And some games my ai is pressing hard, now they are slow and skating like clowns...

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  • There are two answers you’re going to get here....

    1. Ice tilt....(Lower rated players have the advantage over higher rated players)
    2. Connection to server....( Those who live closer to the servers get better connection....apparently that makes your comp players act like morons lolol)

    Let the arguments begin lol
  • Slider glitch is back needs patched
  • How can you tell?^
    I bleed hockey!!!!!!!!!!
  • smokin666 wrote: »
    How can you tell?^

    People I’ve played who are in D1have unlimited agility and don’t slow down while carrying puck. Average teams. Only explanation is slider glitch.

    Played a guy yesterday, lost 10-1, checked his roster and he had zero synergies active and his highest overall player was 85. My team couldn’t get the puck from him.

    Checked his record. 59-3-1.

    Slider glitch.
  • Explain the “slider glitch” and if there is such a thing why don’t you just do it yourself to even it up?
  • I think people are just adjusting their in game sliders and unfortunately these settings are carrying over into online play when online play is supposed to be the same for everyone.

    So if you set your slider to 100/100 puck carrier agility abs I leave mine as default which is 50/100, you’re clearly going to have an advantage.
  • So just for experimental purposes crank yours up to 100/100, see if there is a difference
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