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My Apologies :-(

Sorry for some opinion in my last topic.

Played more games now and i changed point of view.
When you understand new machanics the game is much better.
First offline, played season and squad battles in all stars mode.
In season i tweaked aggression and checking down for the AI, and play very nice, you can build up plays very well and the game is much more realistic.
Toned down poke check for AI, and i added more for stick lift for Human, now it work nice.
Different goals, real stats and much more, no more like nhl hitz now !!!!!

For the online is different, something must be adressed via patch or tuner.
Aggression is too high, forwards are unstoppable in defense, too many hits, and some glue effect when they are close or skating.
Poke checking is very difficult, sometime work but most of the time u have 2 minutes penalty.
Other problems are the same of the community, heavy players, sometimes it seems to skate in the mud, no reaction or very slow even with a decent ping, my better ping is 25 :-( .
For my opinion the big problem of online games are the differences between offense and defense.
Maybe a patch to fix this would be appreciated

I have a question for the future, but its pure utopia i think.
It would be nice in the ultimate team to use minor players for minor divisions, and to unlock nhl players and superstars only for nhl division
But this will never happen as the god of money commands today :-(
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