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Why did I fall inlove with NHL 95?

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I feel NHL 95 is a game that EA could have followed with goalies from that era's goalie animation instead of recycling that silly rear end splits slide.
I know NHL 94 is the king but I found to me that 95 was the sweet spot in terms of DEFENCEMAN clogging up the slot so you couldn't do glitch goals all game long.. and the player positiioning...you actually had (I find anyway) that you had to be creative to open up that slot to score or use the clutter of D and back checkers as screens.
I know alot of you complain cause the games are not easy enough for you,the so called spider goalies of last gen games was too much for you,now goalies are too weak! you say.
So going back to the history of the 16 bit era...To me NHL 94 was too easy,and we call that EA's best work. Did you know that you can do the umbrella on the PP on NHL 95? Great way to score alot of goals.
Why is it that everytime EA comes out with new games they all suck?. NHL 20 seems to me as recycled..am I correct?. I prefer the good ol fashioned 16 bit era.
For the record..NHL 96 is when EA started to go downhill with arcade play!.
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