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Click Bait

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edited September 2019
I used the word click bait just to click bait. But in all seriousness I'm going out there to say I REALLY LIKE THIS GAME! I know many dont. But I love NHL 20 so far. I dont use online much so francise is way to go. Love the Alumni teams! Feels more realistic this year. My only complaint is the glitchy player animations in replays and in the gameplay


  • kitchener_boy
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    edited September 2019
    I am scared to buy it yet! I wanna pull trigger on PS4 but if games will not work right? I refuse to spend 400.00 on the console..90.00 for the game..70.00 for the psn! I was going to! but I am reading on to see what all your opinions on the game is moving foward!.
    I am not home very much until next month to warrant paying it now...always away.
    I am awaiting the big backlash on the up and comming tunners!.
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